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E-Cig Discounts

ECig Discount offers the latest vouchers and coupon codes for E-Lites Electronic Cigarettes. We scour the internet, newspapers, TV and magazines to bring you the best vouchers and discount codes so you can get cheap e-cigarettes from the premium e-cigarette brand. ECig Discount knows there are a number of e-cig brands on the market, but we strongly believe that E-Lites offer the most compelling choice for any smoking enthusiast looking to change to the healthier smoking alternative with electronic cigarettes.

Therefore ECig Discount is proud to promote our favourite e-cigarette brand and ultimately make sure you get the cheapest possible deal with a comprehensive list of ecig coupon codes. E-cigarettes can help you save more than 70% compared to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes and when you combine the ecig special offers and promo codes we have found you can make an even greater saving, meaning a ‘cigarette’ can cost as little as 19p.


Valid E-Lites Offers

Take advantage of the following offers from your favourite electronic cigarette brand.

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Intelligent electronic cigarettes

ECig Discount Codes: Special Offers for 2013

All the ecig discount codes listed on are valid for use on To obtain the discount; simply add your chosen product to the shopping cart and then apply the ecig promo code when requested in the checkout process.

Only one ecig voucher code can be used per purchase, but you can use the discount code more than once, meaning that you can save at least 10% every time you need to purchase electronic cigarette refills, just bookmark and then click the link to the e-cigarette cartridges' page. We are confident that this process is as simple as possible and we check the validity of the e-cigarette coupons on a regular basis.


Intellicig e-cigarettes

Intellicig are becoming one of the most important electronic cigarette manufacturers in the UK. Owned by British American Tobacco, Intellicig truly are the intelligent choice for all smokers looking to quit, or experienced vapers looking for a change of e-cigarette.

View the Intellicig range.
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E80 E-Lites Electronic Cigarette   E200 E-Lites Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit   Duo3 E-Lites Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit   EPRO4 E-Lites Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit
E80 E-Cigarette Starter Kit   E200 E-Cigarette Starter Kit   DUO3 Electronic Cigarette Kit   E-PRO4 Electronic Cigarette Kit

Why Choose Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes have grown in popularity since they were first introduced into the UK in 2007. Originally almost 6 inches long they struggled to gain recognition as a viable alternative to smoking, but as the technology developed e-cigarettes became more popular. A steady following of users emerged, who called themselves ‘vapers’, but the products suffered from bad publicity due to poor battery life and an association of tampering as people modified the e-cigarettes so they could insert their own liquid nicotine (e-liquid). The liquid nicotine was even replaced with other substances as reports of electronic drug abuse rose. The poor reliability and association with the recreational drug scene originally hindered the progress of a number of brands tried to make their mark on what was clearly going to be a thriving business when the mainstream public adopted the smoking alternative. And now, several e-cig brands have emerged as the pioneers in the development of electronic cigarettes. Both the UK and USA markets have shown a real interest in the new technology and despite heavy protests from some sections of the tobacco company funded political parties in the US, the understanding of electronic cigarettes is growing every day.

Which E-Cig Brand?

At first glance it appears that the choice of electronic cigarettes is relatively small, with a few brands dominating the forums and discussion boards. But upon delving deeper into the vaping community it becomes clear that there are many e-cig brands, but very few of these have a strong and reliable following. ECig-Discount has tried a number of brands and decided that E-Lites are their favourite. Admittedly, there are a number of other brands that are strong contenders, including the much publicised Blu Cig and the popular UK brand SkyCig, along with Green Smoke and Smart Smoker. Other than these, the smaller e-cigarette brands tend to leave question marks in the minds of the ecig users, product testing is minimum, which means that many e-cigarette refill cartridges are actually empty, or may even contain harmful substances. It is certainly advisable to only purchase from a reputable brand which has a strong online presence with a clear following on Social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.

ECig Discount explains the safety issues behind electronic cigarettes, but to quickly summarise, e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco, tar or other carcinogens. They simply provide the user with the nicotine hit. The smoke released from a e-cigarette is just water vapour and is not harmful, does not smell and therefore doesn’t linger on hair, clothes or your breath.

Can E-Cigarettes Be Used in Public?

Electronic cigarettes are becoming more widespread in everyday life because people now understand that they are allowed to ‘smoke’ them indoors. E-Cigarettes are not subjected to the stringent smoking laws that have been introduced in to the UK. You can use electronic cigarettes virtually anywhere, they are legal to be smoke anywhere, but it is worth noting that the use of ecigs is at the discretion of the owner of your immediate environment. Often when people complain about e-cigarettes it is because they do not understand the product and that it does not contain any harmful passive smoke. However, if people are uneducated on their benefits then it can be off-putting to see somebody ‘smoking’ in a public place. The green LED option often helps to indicate to others that it is not a traditional cigarette. So, step in from out of the cold and enjoy you ecig with a pint in your hand at your local pub. If only you could get a discount code for the pint as well as your e-cigarette.

The Best E-Cig Discounts

This site is dedicated to helping you choose the healthier alternative to smoking, by opting for e-cigarettes and not only that, but giving you access to the ecig voucher codes that we find online, on the TV, in magazines and in newspaper adverts. ECig-Discount is a valued partner to our brands and therefore receives newsletters detailing exclusive special offers. We will obviously share these with our followers. So if you want to switch to electronic cigarettes and if you want to enjoy e-cigarette discounts then you are in the right place. bringing our valued customers ecig coupon codes and the premium e-cigarette discounts.

Are E-Cigs Cheaper? knows the cost of smoking to both your wallet and your health. If you are already convinced about the benefits of switching to electronic cigarettes for health reasons then our calculator will help to show you just how much money you could save each year. Ecigs are not subject to the high level of tax that tobacco products are forced to pay, therefore ‘smoking’ the equivalent number of e-cigarettes will help you save at least 70% in comparison to traditional cigarettes. By using an ecig discount code you will find even greater savings, so each ‘cigarette’ will cost as little as 19p. Now not many of us can remember those days!

Warranty & Money-Back Guarantees

The majority of ecig brands offer a money-back guarantee. In fact ECig-Discount would strongly recommend that you only purchase from a e-cigarette manufacturer that offers a money-back guarantee. This not only gives the user the opportunity to try a new product, or a new brand if they are an experienced vapour, but also proves that the e-cig brand is confident that their own product is free from defects and has been subjected to rigorous product testing and development. The length of the warranty does vary, so ECig-Discount does recommend you research that yourself prior to purchase. We have noticed there are a number of ‘free e-cigarette trials’ online, we would not recommend any of the brands you see on these websites and we would strongly recommend you avoid those ‘deals’ – remember nothing in life is free! If an offer sounds too good to be true, then it probably isn’t. ECig Discount only offer genuine discount codes from established ecig brands.


E-Cigs are not intended as nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) or a cessation (stop smoking) device. However ecigs only contain nicotine (an addictive drug) and other non-harmful ingredients, including flavourings and polypropylene glycol a chemical used in food preservatives. Do not use e-cigarettes if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. E-cigarettes do not tar or tobacco, or the other 4,000 chemicals that have been found in regular cigarettes. Ecigs are intended for use by existing smokers aged 18 or over as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. They must not be used by children, pregnant or breast feeding women or persons in ill health. If you are unsure whether to use electronic cigarettes please consult your doctor.

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